Kick Point: Everything you need for a successful sponsoring campaign

Finally the sun is shining bright again, the days are longer and it is becoming warm outside – the perfect timing for a special event module for your sponsoring campaign. Alongside with some of our other modules, the Kick-Point interactive football goal is a great option especially for a sponsoring campaign. Because as soon as the sun comes out, the desire arouses to go out and kick the ball in the open air. Everyone knows the classic football goal wall and the joy you feel when you finally score, but even more everyone knows how upsetting it can be to barely miss the goal. Our event module, the Kick-Point interactive football goal, makes it possible to have an even purer football experience. Shooting the ball at a real football goal that measures and displays the exact shooting precision and speed is a very special attraction.

The event module of the hour for your sponsoring campaign

Especially now, that the temperatures are rising and the people love to spend time outside again, the Kick-Point interactive football goal as an event module is the right choice in the course of an outdoor sponsoring campaign! Just the view of a real football goal itself  appears to be inviting for most people. A football goal is a timeless classic and has a nearly mysterious power of attraction. That is why this event module is a perfect eye catcher! The electronic football goal is available in different sizes for every need, with the guarantee that the fun stays the same in every size.

sponsoring campaign-Mars

Sponsoring campaign and advertising medium combined into one!

Because of the attention a football goal (outside of a football field) arouses, the Kick-Point interactive football goal can be used, besides its function as an event module, as an advertising medium to put your sponsoring campaign in the right light. Depending on the size of the goal, different banners can be hung up in the net of the goal. Because the goal usually is used with a construction to catch the ball in form of a traverse or a special net, you have a great surface for your branding there! This double function is the reason the Kick-Point interactive football goal stands out and makes it the perfect module for every sponsoring campaign and every target group!