running course – full activation pure

Who does not still remember obstacal courses from his childhood? – Our running course is the consistent development from this children´s game to a high-end technical module with best activation potential! The best thing about this module are the many possibilities it can be used without any changes in organisation and set-up. Our running course can so be used in combination with many different sports and with the relevant presentation adapt each sports special charme. We have combined our course with a lot of sports, like for example the classic football (Lionel Messi still holds the world record) ,or as a simple sprint and test of mobility. A bit more exotic is rugby, handball or basketball. But also wheelchair contests have already been organised by us several times.

Simple an still genius – our running course

running course
If it comes to movement and motivating people, you can´t beat our runnnig course. Here you can exhauste yourself at your own discretion and receive detailed information about your performance and achievements at the end. Where else can you find that? Because of the possibility of self-analyses this special running course attracts a lot of  people. Our sensor-based running course measures reaction time, acceleration time, tilting time, slalom time and the total running time. It is very flexible and easy to handle, though a highly complex technology and software is behind it. This special running course is also used intenationally for example in England, Saudi Arabia or Croatia.

Our running course benefits form our expert staff

A lot of development steps lead to modelling our running course as it is now, being completely wireless and still easy and simple to set up. Our specially trained expert staff does not only set up the course but also supervise the software and are real promoters, who bring out the best in each candidate and find potential they didn`t even know they had. For up to 7 hours you can entertain the participants with our running course. You also have the possibility to let our experts train your staff before the occasion, so that you can use your own expert team at your event. With our running course you will be first at the finish line – for sure!