Interactive football goal – the all-rounder among the event modules

The electronic football goal Kick-Point is not only in this country an action popular with visitors and organizers. Regardless of the occasion, the challenge of achieving the highest possible score raises the play instinct among young and older players alike.

This diversity was extensively used during National Sport Day: the electronic football goal was used at three venues spread over Doha, the capital city of Qatar. National Sports Day is, let’s face it, a national holiday of Qatar! On this day the work is suspended and the population has the opportunity to participate in countless activities in the field of sports. The many different event areas against the backdrop of the stunning Doha skyline required maximum flexibility from organizers and the planned actions. In doing so, the electronic football goal as an activation module adapted perfectly to the respective conditions on site.
In the City Center, one of the largest shopping malls and located in the center of Doha, an actual indoor ice skating rink was converted into a football playground. The advantage: with the numerous, partly sweaty activities, the air-conditioning system ensured that the visitors and players did not spend too much time and proved their footballing skills throughout the entire duration of the event.

As an activation module on the perfect green of the Aspire Academy

Thanks to the pleasant outside temperatures in February, the electronic soccer goal Kick-Point could also be used outdoor on the perfect green space of the world-famous Aspire Academy, which is highly regarded by numerous professional clubs. The interactive activation module was able to shine as an event all-rounder in the so-called Sports Corner and was used both as a football and as a handball campaign. In contrast to the numerous Inflatables, such as a 10m high inflatable climbing wall, the electronic football goal could be used without problems despite partially strong wind!
In a public park, the third event space, the kick-point was used primarily as an activation module for the visitors, who stopped by curiosity: Located directly at the entrance to the site, the athletic challenge of the kick-point attracted and agreed with most visitors to a sporting competition. After the “warm shooting” at the kick-point, we went to various other stations, such as basketball pitches, volleyball nets, or even the martial arts beginner course! The visitors were therefore offered a lot of action. Regardless of the preferred sport, however, the competition at the kick-point was the highest in the favor of the visitors and enjoyed great popularity.