Football fan zones in the motherland of football

Germany is eminently respected when it comes to football events,  especially the football fan zones. This is a result of the success of the German football league in international competition compared with a certain amount of marketing activity. Comparably  football-crazy (or maybe even more), are just the British, who were knocked out of the European Championship 2016 early and still did not lose the fun and enthusiasm for “their” invention – football. They show this in their conceptual design of their own football fan zones.

Kick-Point – committed to football fan zones

Like in this country, there are “classic” football activities to be found in England too. Where the goal wall is a classic element in the German event sector and can be found in practically all football fan zones ;  in England similarly popular sports as darts are transferred onto the football theme. Used in an event, this could look like this: felt footballs are shot at a huge inflatable dartboard. This is a perfect activity for an indoor event, because the size makes it wind-prone.

Easier to handle and even more interesting and fascinating for the players is the interactive football goal “Kick-Point”, which is also used successfully in indoor football fan zones. The possibility of a combination of measuring the speed and the actual placement of the shot, makes this the highlight – especially for ambitious hobby footballers – of events like football fan zones.

The high degree of immediate comparability with the results of the other players and the high number of players throughout the day make Kick-Point a very successful event module and the secret star next to the impressive appearance of the football dartboard.

football fan zones

The combination of different modules is the key to successful football fan zones

These two football event modules show what a challenge it is for the organiser to develop football fan zones: on the one hand you want to present everything as impressive as possible, on the other hand it is important to bring the focus to the actual event and simultaneously reach a wide audience. Thereby a big crowd of people have to be taken into account too in football fan zones. Considered alone, the football dartboard may look impressive, but throughout the day only few people can actually participate in a game. So the solution is a combination of different highly attractive event modules, that pose varied challenges for the visitors.
You can get an impression of how our concepts for football fan zones are implemented in the motherland of football in this video:


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