Our speed-kick system attracts people to each event so magically and is also good as a volleyball tool to use. At the speed-kick system, young and old measure the speed of their shots and reach their limits. The radar head of the radar system behind the banner hanging in the traverse detects the speed of the approaching ball, which is displayed directly on an LCD screen connected to the radar head. It does not matter whether you shoot slowly or quickly on the speed kick, because as long as you hit the goal you are allowed to participate in a competition and hope for great prizes, but even without a lottery to just prove his skills, the radar system is just right. And not just with a football! Our speed-kick system can measure far more than just the power of a football. Thus, e.g. Sports such as volleyball, tennis or even the ice hockey players prove their strength.

A speed-kick system as a volleyball tool?

Right. But how? The speed-kick system simply measures just the ball that falls on the sensor. So why not use it for other sports? And sports such as volleyball are also well suited. In volleyball it depends on the speed very much like in football. With soft serves and smash balls, you usually get no points. So, the Speed-Kick system is perfect for improving and developing the attack strokes. Buy speed kick – more than a training device. For example, are you currently during planning with your volleyball marketing campaign and are you wondering how to actively engage viewers in your stand? Quite simply with the speed-kick system for volleyball. Especially in volleyball, there are rather few volleyball tools that you can use well. Buy speed kick – it means stirring and fun events. The Speed-Kick system manages this, however, and with its simple structure, it is the perfect volleyball tool.