Teambuilder: XXL table soccer tournament to get to know your team

Table soccer – that is a classic, is what you get to hear way before the tournament even begins. But our extra large soccer tables are special and attract attention everywhere right away. Curiously the two event modules (soccer tables) were given a close inspection and have been tested before the tournament even started. And the first groups were founded in which not everyone knew each other before this meet of employees and clients. So a first success of our table soccer is building bridges in a playful easy way.

Intellior invited employees and clients to a training that lasted several days and what is a better way to get to know each other than a tournament – a football champions league?

After the welcoming speech the table soccer battle, 4 against 4 began! That is right, 8 players at one  table, that makes 16! people who play simultaneously at two giant soccer tables.

The  teams were randomly drawn so that people from all over the world formed one team.

With background music and a professional moderation the atmosphere was great and the tournament got even more exciting and thrilling and this became the highlight of the night. Everyone who was not currently playing had the chance to see, what their results were and what place their team had in the football table that was shown on a big LCD-display.

Just in time for dinner the group phase ended and the participants could eat and regain their strength for the knockout round of the table soccer tournament. After dessert and the conversations with fellow players and opponents the excitement already arouse before the games started again.

Ready, set – table soccer!

Table soccer became the highlight of the night and the semi-finals had a  great audience even with the teams who already resigned. After exciting games the finales could not have been more thrilling – Germany played against the Netherlands!
It became a table soccer remake of the 1974 match between the German and the Dutch football teams. It was a narrow victory for the German team after a furious match.
table soccer 4 vs 4

The table soccer award ceremony – first place for team spirit

The award ceremony was the crowning end of a fantastic tournament,  the winners got real medals and Kick-Point even brought a real winner’s rostrum.

Everyone was enthusiastic about this event and got to know the others in an easy, fast and fun way. At the end you could hear the people say things like: “A classic; but still great this good old table soccer.”