PoolBall – queue up for a game

PoolBall is a high-graded new module for your event or promotion. It combines football and pool billiard. It does not matter which kind of sports event your are hosting – a football tournament, city festival, company celebration or an open house party – PoolBall will guarantee you and your visitors an fascinating time. PoolBall is an event module that is a perfect fit for every participant, if male or female, young and old. We have it in two different versions. It has to be mentioned here, that this human billiard module can be used indoors and outdoors on your events easily. Version number one is the standard version, flat on the floor suitable for indoor events for example in a gym. The second  version is to put the module on a platform, which is even more impressive.

PoolBall branding possibilities

If you are planning a road show, think about getting the PoolBall module. It is captivating and will make sure the audience will stay longer. Plus you have several possibilities for your branding. With the right branding and the right light technology the audience is drawn to your event and cannot resist to be part of the fun! Another option would be to rent the event module permanently for a certain period of time, for example the world cup or the European championship.

The PoolBall – our teamer is on your team as an arbitrator or presenter!

Round off our PoolBall event module by using our promoter and teamer as your arbitrator. Our teamers are specially trained for several of our event modules like the human billiard PoolBall, so that they can entertain your audience for up to 8 hours. Depending on the planned number of visitors you should engage more than one teamer for your human billiard. Here you have the option on using someone from your own staff as a second promoter.

You would rather have both promoters be someone from your own employees? No problem! How about our teamer will work as a presenter of your event? The audience will be perfectly informed about what is going on on the field of your human billiard event module called PoolBall at all times.