Looking for alternatives to a goal wall? – We have them!

You are looking for a sports activity for your event, which is not too demanding for your guests – this often only leaves you with the classic goal wall. The benefits are obvious: easy to handle and everybody knows how it works. But there are numerous alternatives to a goal wall, that actually have a bigger attraction. Because of the high profile, there lies the danger of arbitrariness, since many event organizers use this event module. It is out of the question, that the goal wall is fun, but you can present your company more innovative or more unique, if you reach out for one the numerous alternatives to a goal wall, instead of falling back on the easiest possibility.

Are they just different or real alternatives to a goal wall?

alternatives to a goal wall
Let´s have a look on the benefits of the classic football event module:

  • self-explanatory/ low inhibition threshold
  • small action area needed
  • shooting accurate determinant/ power not decisive
  • short residence time/ high number of players
  • good branding possibilities

Of course it would be possible to look for completely different event modules as alternatives to a goal wall, but the market is nearly unmanageable to overlook even for experts of this industry, because of its quantity. Finding THE ultimate event module for your occasion is like finding a needle in the haystack.

Just finding a completely different module is not a real  option on alternatives for a goal wall. It has to fulfil some of the criteria mentioned above, so that it still fits the theme of your event.

It is obvious, that you limit the options on you search for alternatives to a goal wall with the above mentioned criteria. In general focusing on football has the unique benefit that practically everyone has made their experience with this topic and that for any kind of activities in this segment you only need a ball. Now let us have a closer look on specific criteria: If you focus on the accuracy of kicking the ball, you can rule out the module Speed-Kick, which has the advantage for the organizers, that you minimize the potential injuries of your guests through bouncing back ball or muscle injuries of the overambitious players. But there is another star in the Kick-Point repertoire: the dribble parcours which messures your sprinting or dribbling time exactly and automatically. Is the residence time suppose to be 2 minutes maximum per player this limits the matching alternatives to a goal wall further down.

Which alternatives to a goal wall can I find?

To anticipate it: There is no ideal solution. In the end you decide, which criteria you event module has to fulfil and then decide which alternatives to a goal wall are a suitable match for you. An event module that fulfils all criteria mentioned above is the electronic football goal from Kick-Point. This module already exists for 15 years and has been continuously refined over the years. Today this module can be customized for every event and any criteria, so that this module is suitable for various event concepts. Furthermore it is, even on an international market, one of the few mobile event modules that can combine the event with a real-time representation on social-media.

By being multi-medially versatile, this event module is the best choice  when you are looking for modern alternatives for a goal wall.

The functionality of this electronic football goal is explained in this short video:

Should you look for alternatives for a goal wall or spice up your classic goal wall?alternatives to a goal wall - dribble parcours

Is the classic goal wall still your first choice, you have the possibility to spice it up and make the competition more exciting. You can either change the game mode, so that maybe every player has to  lift the ball carefully to the holes of the goal wall, or you let teams compete in games where father and son for example have 3 shots each to win. A special attraction can be a memory, something that reminds the player of this event that he can take home – preferably with your logo on it, so that this positive experience is linked to your event/firm. A good advertising medium is a picture. So why not combine the goal wall with a printed photo that shows the player at the moment he shoots the ball? Through this move, not the goal is the centre of the attention but the player itself.

If you work together with an event agency – do not be content with the simplest solution. There are numerous alternatives to a goal wall that your audience does not know now and that suit you better than a classic goal wall will!