T-Mobile Austria goes on a football event tour with the Kick-Point football goal for the third year.

Kick-Point goes on a stadium tour with the T-Mobile Quiz Kick

T-Mobile Austria once again chose Kick-Point as partner during the T-Mobile Football Stadium Tour. The league sponsor T-Mobile Austria set the goal to visit a different Austrian football station every match day, in order to communicate the range of T-Mobile brands, products and services as part of the stadium events.
T-Mobile chose to use the Kick-Point Quiz option during these events. This game is not only about the precision and speed of goal shots. It also tests participants’ product and football knowledge.
A question about football or about the T-Mobile products and services appears on the screen following every successful goal shot. If the participant answers the question correctly he doubles his goal shot points.
This Kick-Point electronic goal game concept, which combines football fun with general knowledge in a playful manner, also gives the organiser the opportunity to transport its information and advertisements in a playful manner.
T-Mobile Austria used to use classic football modules such as Speed Kick and Speed Soccer before it discovered Kick-Point for its stadium tours.