Kick-Point joins Penny at the start of the season for 1. FC Köln

It was the beginning of the season for 1. FC Köln. Kick-Point joined up with Penny for the campaign “Kick your favourite product”, a campaign offered by Penny to 1. FC Köln fans at the beginning of the season using the electronic Kick-Point penalty goal.
The aim of the game was to hit the logo of one of the Penny brands shown on the monitor with a well-aimed shot at the actual football goal. Once the shooter managed to hit a logo, his prize was automatically zoomed onto the screen. The Penny promoter immediately handed the winner his prize and a Penny certificate with his individual goal shooting results.
Shooting at products, prizes or discounts – the multitude of game varieties offered by the Kick-Point electronic football goal supports almost every type of product promotion and turns any simple promotion into a fun and effective promotional campaign.