Kick-Point electronic football goal patented

The European Patent Office granted the Kick-Point GmbH the patent for the Kick-Point electronic football goal (training and sports equipment) on 25th June 2008. The patent number issued was EP 1 457 236 B1.
In 2005, the Kick-Point GmbH had already been awarded a prize for a new business idea project by the Institute of German Industry (Institut der deutschen Wirtschaft) and presented itself to an international audience as an innovative project with a patent pending at the Hannover Fair 2005 with a 130m2 stand in Hall nr 2 – the Hall of Innovations.
The Kick-Point electronic football goal is the consequent continuous development of the good old penalty wall and the classic speed measuring systems such as Speed Kick and Speed Soccer into the multi-media-based age. The Kick-Point goal measures the precision as well as the speed of the goal shots. Each player receives a certificate with his individual goal shot results.