Kick-Point: a great hit during public viewings at the 2008 Football European Cup

It appears as though the electronic Kick-Point football goal will be a coveted football module for events during the 2008 Football European Cup, just as it was during the 2006 Football World Cup.

The Kick-Point will represent a fundamental component in more than 20 different event concepts in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, ranging from promotions to road shows to public viewing events in particular.

The Kick-Point represents a successful mix of a football module and an advertising medium which makes it so interesting for many event planners and sponsors. The module, which offers a range of 4 different goal sizes, guarantees real football fun for young and old participants. It also offers potential sponsors a broad variety of branding possibilities ranging from banner and branding advertisements to interactive advertising effects such as videos, sound and logos during the game, from printed certificates to the transfer of participant data to an individually designed homepage.