An enrichment for every leisure facility. With Kick-Point you can offer your visitors the occasional little kick.

Your theme park is missing a proper football application? You are searching for an attraction for your theme park to generate further earnings? Not all courts of your squash site are booked to capacity? You want to offer the football players in your football gym an additional football application with which you can moreover generate more earnings? How do you thrill in the summer the visitors of your camping and leisure facilities? Or – you are just looking for the “kick” to make the stay of your visitors perfect?

Yes is Kick-Point’s answer to these questions of leisure facilities concerning the requirements of a modern attraction for you.

For every location the proper football goal

IMG_1080-leisure facilitiesThe electronic football goal is available in five different sizes (XS, S, M, L and XL) for indoor events as well as outdoor events. There is no area too small and no place too big, to not score with Kick-Point. The Kick-Point is set up fast and soon ready to go or as a permanent attraction it can be attached securely. The technology is quickly installed and after a short briefing it can be operated confidently.

Easy-to-handle technology

The technology can be operated intuitionally, so even without further instruction Kick-Point can be played by everybody. On the large LCD flat screen the live broadcast of the game can be watched. Along with the real football goal and the real football, the screen is the heart of the patented Kick-Point system. Within a virtual goal on the screen one can define what kind of target the player, shooting from the penalty spot, can or should aim at.

Interactive design software

OsterholzGymSoccer_13_2The interactivity of the software allows the integration of logos, pictures, numbers, video clips or sound clips. For Kick-Point it is not the strongest shot or the shooting velocity that counts, it is rather the skilfulness. After choosing his favourite target the player tries to hit that particular area in the goal. Afterwards, each shot is analysed in an instant and the results appear on the screen.

A certificate to acknowledge the performance

IMG_1175Finally every player can receive a certificate or a voucher directly from the system. Moreover, you have the opportunity employ the players’ data for further promotion on the internet, for example in form of a table, where the players can compare their results to those of the other players. .

Technique and football fun

Various playing options are possible, providing plenty of fun playing football. Technique is the one thing, challenge and fun playing football is the other thing. Use the individual possibilities of the Kick-Point for your leisure facility.

Events with enthusiasm

The popular demand and the enthusiasm for Kick-Point will convince you to see that the bouncy castle and 3 up 3 down are things of the past.

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