Bouncy castle was yesterday– today it is Kick-Point.
Use the flexibility and the playing fun of the electronic football goal.

You want to present your new product with a road show? You are looking for a football attraction to connect with your customers? You need advertising space for your corporate claim? A connection to the internet would be an advantage?

Yes is Kick-Point’s answer to these four important functions – Kick-Point can accomplish that.

For every location the proper football goal

fuer-unternehmen-01-800-companiesThe electronic football goal is available in five different sizes (XS, S, M, L and XL) for indoor as well as outdoor events. There is no area too small and no place too big, to not work with Kick-Point. The Kick-Point is set up fast and soon ready to go. The technology is quickly installed and after a short briefing it can be operated confidently.

Targets and shot repetition on the screen

skytv_summer_05-800On a big screen all participants can watch the game. The screen is, along with the real football goal and the real football, the heart of the Kick-Point system. Within a virtual goal on the screen one can define what kind of target the player can or should shoot at in the real goal. The graphic design can be composed of numbers, pictures or logos. The interactivity of the software leaves much room for individual design, so integrating movie clips, animations, sound clips… is no problem.

Football fun and technique

fuer-unternehmen-02-800Next to the technique, the player’s main focus is the challenge and the fun playing football. For Kick-Point it is not the strongest shot that counts but the skilfulness. After choosing his favourite target the player tries to hit that particular area in the goal. Afterwards, each shot is analysed in an instant.

A certificate to acknowledge the performance

fuer-unternehmen-04-800Finally every player receives a certificate or a voucher directly from the system. Moreover, you have the opportunity to save each player’s data and employ it for further promotion on the internet. The design of the playground and its surrounding offers many possibilities, such as banners alongside the playground, inflatables over the playground or advertising space behind the goal. Again, there are no limits to your ideas. Soon you will be convinced by the popular demand and the enthusiasm for Kick-Point.

As already mentioned, 3 up 3 down –that’s a thing of the past.

Der Kick-Point Image-Film