blind-date-kick-individual games

Even for dating Kick-Point can be helpful!

Here’s a selection of different games that we created for and with our clients in order to fulfil individual games considering needs for unique game designs.


fussball-promotion2As part of a quiz-kick game, the player has to aim to the latest phone to get extra points for the actual point-based main game.



Rugby-KickOther sports are no problem: we can also use the electronic football goal as a device for measurement. The on-screen information can be easily adapted to match the ambient of your desired sport.


kick-your-drinkFootball goes Disco – kick your free drink!





Football darts – each player has 10 shots and tries to reach exact 0 points first. To make it more difficult, once hit areas are no longer available for scoring.





Speed-Factor: Why not combine speed and points? The higher the speed, the better the score. Try to aim to more difficult areas to get higher multipliers and even better scores!




Try to hit the “moving target” which changes position randomly after each shot.