Portable Soccer Court – for rent for your event!

A portable soccer court is a great event module for every purpose. If you have a promotion event or a sporting event, like a football tournament, an office party, a city festival of an open house party – a portable soccer court will always enthuse the audience. This event module is suitable for everyone of your guests, young and old, male or female. Our portable soccer court can be integrated into your event indoors as well as outdoors and isn´t only a great fit for a single event but also a great attaction for roashows and other long term events where the portable soccer court can be used as a „stadium“ for your „Cup“. Even the prestigius German football magazine „Kicker“ has used it several times now.


Our portable soccer court is put into limelight by our specially trained promoters

Street Soccer Court branded

Street Soccer Court fully branded

But also a great event module like our portable soccer court can only bring a certain amount of fun by itself. Much more important is the combination of the event module and the promoter or a teamer. Our staff is specially trained for several modules like the portable soccer court, so that they can entertain the audience for a promotional peroid for over 8 hours. Depending on the visitor numbers more than one promoter should be deployed. But a second promoter can always also be provided by the client.


The porable soccer court is just one of our many event modules Kick-Point offers for fun and football

Just like the saying „One swallow doesn´t make a summer“ it depends on the number of guests and the type of event you are hosting, if this court is enough to entertain the entire audience, or if you have to add other football modules to round it up. Our soccer court can be supplemented easily through other event modules as for example:

  • Speed cage
  • goal wall
  • dribble duel
  • bubble-balls
  • human kicker
  • table soccer
  • pool ball
  • ball riding
  • table soccer pros
  • football freestyler

Our portable soccer court is the ideal event module

Our portable soccer court is perfect to combine conceptionally different event modules into an overall concept of a football fun park.