perfect combination between ball handling, cleverness and fun.

fussball-eventmodul-poolball2PoolBall® is a new combination of pool and soccer. You play soccer on an oversized pool table. But the focus is on fun and entertainment. This means that you don’t have to be that good in soccer. It’s more about tactics and aiming skills. The PoolBall® TableThe most important part of PoolBall® is the about 8 per 4.5m wide PoolBall®-table.

This was especially designed for this new sport by engineers and staticians with special attention to security and stability.To get the perfect pool feeling, the table corresponds to the exact dimensions of the World Pool Association … of course, adapted to the size of the PoolBall® soccer balls!

You play a variation of 8-ball known from the pool game with one massive difference: YOU are the Queue!
It doesn’t matter if you kick the ball with your foot or do a header to get a goal… but only if you hit the white ball once…





  • action space: 8m x 4,5m; PoolBall table height: 0,50m
  • many branding possibilities
  • mass: 1,5 tons