Let’s talk about UEFA Euro 2020 and your marketing projects

The men’s European Football Championship 2020 is just around the corner. The national teams are still looking to reach the final round. Some will be more successful than others in the process. If I look at some team managers I believe things have not yet worked out as intended, but there’s plenty of time left and no reason to panic (yet). But also for those responsible for marketing there is no need to panic and most are probably already working on bigger projects for next summer.

From classic fan activations to POS promotions and roadshows, many things will revolve around soccer in the coming summer. Football is a subject that attracts public attention just before and during a major tournament. Differentiating yourself from the competition in the marketing jungle will certainly demand a lot of creativity from your marketing department. In some areas, this is traditionally more difficult (e.g. classic TV advertising). The sponsors of football are traditionally in the pole position with their exclusive advertising contracts being able to present famous faces for their brands.

I would not go into the area of TV advertising at this point, since this topic with all its excesses alone would provide enough material for several articles.

Instead, I want to dedicate myself to the topic of live communication. By definition, live communication is

(…) a generic term for communication tools that focuses on a personal encounter and the active experience of the target group with the manufacturer and his brand in a staged and often emotionally appealing environment. The interaction of these elements as well as the direct and personal interaction between producer and target group should lead to unique and lasting memories. Source

  • Mercedes Benz Bank

So far so good. What you make of it is ultimately up to you. At this point, I can only describe from my own 17 years of experience in this regard. With the Kick-Point GmbH, I have dedicated myself entirely to the subject of football and am internationally active for various projects and customers who want to use football for themselves – either because their products are closely related, or simply because they want to used football related emotions for their intents and purposes.

  • AC Milan
  • Kicker Sportmagazin

Inspire people, win customers

Sounds easy, doesn’t it? Personal interaction is always the primary target of live communication. Of course, the visitor should not be overwhelmed. It is therefore important to find the right balance between activity and attractiveness when choosing the means. A classic Goal Wall provides for the activity of the player, is taken in itself but relatively boring and long ago nothing special anymore. This certain module might be a German curiosity in particular. Nevertheless it’s concept is well known internationally and used for all kinds of events that focus on football. This very basic concept of football activity only gets exiting when you add certain things to it: an exciting branding concept, a photo of the player during the kick and a great raffle will make awesome entertainment out of one of the most simple football activity modules.

Your marketing event will be even more interesting if you dare to use event uncommon modules such as the RoboKeeper or the electronic football goal for your live communication. These event modules are used in virtually every major (football) event, but are still not commonplace and always provide enthusiasm. While the RoboKeeper is unbeatable in terms of visitor appeal, the game may be a bit too demanding for less active football amateurs. The electronic football goal, however, offers unparalleled flexibility and can be tailored to the desired target group perfectly. From the family-friendly raffle to the challenging competition for experienced footballers, including online connectivity, almost everything is possible.

If you have become curious about football action modules: excellent! Please leave a comment and I will send you our catalog of unique football event modules that will guarantee attention for your live communication during next summer.