RoboKeeper at Double Eleven Evening Gala – RoboKeeper available for events now

RoboKeeper starts China campaign!

RoboKeeper as the world’s most anticipated activation tool in terms of football takes part in Double Eleven Evening Gala in Shanghai at Mercedes-Benz-Arena.

RoboKeeper represents Germany’s roboter themed contribution as part oft he opening ceremony for 11.11.2017 Online Shopping Day. Many national and international celebrities as well as different games will form a great event. Especially the duell of former worldclass footballer Luis Figo with the world famous goalkeeper robot is highly anticipated. Even Lionel Messi – some say the best football player ever – struggled beating this automatic goalkeeper. So this duell puts a certain tension into this event and represents China’s ambition to be one of the world’s most important players in terms of economics and football.

The live show will be broadcasted beginning 20PM by Chinese Bejing Channel, Zhejiang Television and Shenzhen Channel. A stream will be available at

robokeeper china

RoboKeeper available in China – NOW

RoboKeeper has been used all over the world for the same reason: pure football entertainment . It is used for practically every important event that is somehow related to football. Thousands if not millions of players already duelled with the high-tech robot keeper. RoboKeeper’s engangement in Double Eleven Evening Gala represents also the launch of RoboKeeper’s Chinese campaign: This popular event module is from now on available for rent in China which might be some good news for Chinese football sponsors and clubs.