RoboKeeper at Double Eleven Evening Gala – RoboKeeper available for events now

RoboKeeper starts China campaign!

RoboKeeper as the world’s most anticipated activation tool in terms of football takes part in Double Eleven Evening Gala in Shanghai at Mercedes-Benz-Arena.

RoboKeeper represents Germany’s roboter themed contribution as part oft he opening ceremony for 11.11.2017 Online Shopping Day. Many national and international celebrities as well as different games will form a great event. Especially the duell of former worldclass footballer Luis Figo with the world famous goalkeeper robot is highly anticipated. Even Lionel Messi – some say the best football player ever – struggled beating this automatic goalkeeper. So this duell puts a certain tension into this event and represents China’s ambition to be one of the world’s most important players in terms of economics and football.

The live show will be broadcasted beginning 20PM by Chinese Bejing Channel, Zhejiang Television and Shenzhen Channel. A stream will be available at

robokeeper china

RoboKeeper available in China – NOW

RoboKeeper has been used all over the world for the same reason: pure football entertainment . It is used for practically every important event that is somehow related to football. Thousands if not millions of players already duelled with the high-tech robot keeper. RoboKeeper’s engangement in Double Eleven Evening Gala represents also the launch of RoboKeeper’s Chinese campaign: This popular event module is from now on available for rent in China which might be some good news for Chinese football sponsors and clubs.

PoolBall – queue up for a game

PoolBall is a high-graded new module for your event or promotion. It combines football and pool billiard. It does not matter which kind of sports event your are hosting – a football tournament, city festival, company celebration or an open house party – PoolBall will guarantee you and your visitors an fascinating time. PoolBall is an event module that is a perfect fit for every participant, if male or female, young and old. We have it in two different versions. It has to be mentioned here, that this human billiard module can be used indoors and outdoors on your events easily. Version number one is the standard version, flat on the floor suitable for indoor events for example in a gym. The second  version is to put the module on a platform, which is even more impressive.

PoolBall branding possibilities

If you are planning a road show, think about getting the PoolBall module. It is captivating and will make sure the audience will stay longer. Plus you have several possibilities for your branding. With the right branding and the right light technology the audience is drawn to your event and cannot resist to be part of the fun! Another option would be to rent the event module permanently for a certain period of time, for example the world cup or the European championship.

The PoolBall – our teamer is on your team as an arbitrator or presenter!

Round off our PoolBall event module by using our promoter and teamer as your arbitrator. Our teamers are specially trained for several of our event modules like the human billiard PoolBall, so that they can entertain your audience for up to 8 hours. Depending on the planned number of visitors you should engage more than one teamer for your human billiard. Here you have the option on using someone from your own staff as a second promoter.

You would rather have both promoters be someone from your own employees? No problem! How about our teamer will work as a presenter of your event? The audience will be perfectly informed about what is going on on the field of your human billiard event module called PoolBall at all times.

Looking for alternatives to a goal wall? – We have them!

You are looking for a sports activity for your event, which is not too demanding for your guests – this often only leaves you with the classic goal wall. The benefits are obvious: easy to handle and everybody knows how it works. But there are numerous alternatives to a goal wall, that actually have a bigger attraction. Because of the high profile, there lies the danger of arbitrariness, since many event organizers use this event module. It is out of the question, that the goal wall is fun, but you can present your company more innovative or more unique, if you reach out for one the numerous alternatives to a goal wall, instead of falling back on the easiest possibility.

Are they just different or real alternatives to a goal wall?

alternatives to a goal wall
Let´s have a look on the benefits of the classic football event module:

  • self-explanatory/ low inhibition threshold
  • small action area needed
  • shooting accurate determinant/ power not decisive
  • short residence time/ high number of players
  • good branding possibilities

Of course it would be possible to look for completely different event modules as alternatives to a goal wall, but the market is nearly unmanageable to overlook even for experts of this industry, because of its quantity. Finding THE ultimate event module for your occasion is like finding a needle in the haystack.

Just finding a completely different module is not a real  option on alternatives for a goal wall. It has to fulfil some of the criteria mentioned above, so that it still fits the theme of your event.

It is obvious, that you limit the options on you search for alternatives to a goal wall with the above mentioned criteria. In general focusing on football has the unique benefit that practically everyone has made their experience with this topic and that for any kind of activities in this segment you only need a ball. Now let us have a closer look on specific criteria: If you focus on the accuracy of kicking the ball, you can rule out the module Speed-Kick, which has the advantage for the organizers, that you minimize the potential injuries of your guests through bouncing back ball or muscle injuries of the overambitious players. But there is another star in the Kick-Point repertoire: the dribble parcours which messures your sprinting or dribbling time exactly and automatically. Is the residence time suppose to be 2 minutes maximum per player this limits the matching alternatives to a goal wall further down.

Which alternatives to a goal wall can I find?

To anticipate it: There is no ideal solution. In the end you decide, which criteria you event module has to fulfil and then decide which alternatives to a goal wall are a suitable match for you. An event module that fulfils all criteria mentioned above is the electronic football goal from Kick-Point. This module already exists for 15 years and has been continuously refined over the years. Today this module can be customized for every event and any criteria, so that this module is suitable for various event concepts. Furthermore it is, even on an international market, one of the few mobile event modules that can combine the event with a real-time representation on social-media.

By being multi-medially versatile, this event module is the best choice  when you are looking for modern alternatives for a goal wall.

The functionality of this electronic football goal is explained in this short video:

Should you look for alternatives for a goal wall or spice up your classic goal wall?alternatives to a goal wall - dribble parcours

Is the classic goal wall still your first choice, you have the possibility to spice it up and make the competition more exciting. You can either change the game mode, so that maybe every player has to  lift the ball carefully to the holes of the goal wall, or you let teams compete in games where father and son for example have 3 shots each to win. A special attraction can be a memory, something that reminds the player of this event that he can take home – preferably with your logo on it, so that this positive experience is linked to your event/firm. A good advertising medium is a picture. So why not combine the goal wall with a printed photo that shows the player at the moment he shoots the ball? Through this move, not the goal is the centre of the attention but the player itself.

If you work together with an event agency – do not be content with the simplest solution. There are numerous alternatives to a goal wall that your audience does not know now and that suit you better than a classic goal wall will!

Portable Soccer Court – for rent for your event!

A portable soccer court is a great event module for every purpose. If you have a promotion event or a sporting event, like a football tournament, an office party, a city festival of an open house party – a portable soccer court will always enthuse the audience. This event module is suitable for everyone of your guests, young and old, male or female. Our portable soccer court can be integrated into your event indoors as well as outdoors and isn´t only a great fit for a single event but also a great attaction for roashows and other long term events where the portable soccer court can be used as a „stadium“ for your „Cup“. Even the prestigius German football magazine „Kicker“ has used it several times now.


Our portable soccer court is put into limelight by our specially trained promoters

Street Soccer Court branded Street Soccer Court fully branded

But also a great event module like our portable soccer court can only bring a certain amount of fun by itself. Much more important is the combination of the event module and the promoter or a teamer. Our staff is specially trained for several modules like the portable soccer court, so that they can entertain the audience for a promotional peroid for over 8 hours. Depending on the visitor numbers more than one promoter should be deployed. But a second promoter can always also be provided by the client.


The porable soccer court is just one of our many event modules Kick-Point offers for fun and football

Just like the saying „One swallow doesn´t make a summer“ it depends on the number of guests and the type of event you are hosting, if this court is enough to entertain the entire audience, or if you have to add other football modules to round it up. Our soccer court can be supplemented easily through other event modules as for example:

  • Speed cage
  • goal wall
  • dribble duel
  • bubble-balls
  • human kicker
  • table soccer
  • pool ball
  • ball riding
  • table soccer pros
  • football freestyler

Our portable soccer court is the ideal event module

Our portable soccer court is perfect to combine conceptionally different event modules into an overall concept of a football fun park.

Teambuilder: XXL table soccer tournament to get to know your team

Table soccer – that is a classic, is what you get to hear way before the tournament even begins. But our extra large soccer tables are special and attract attention everywhere right away. Curiously the two event modules (soccer tables) were given a close inspection and have been tested before the tournament even started. And the first groups were founded in which not everyone knew each other before this meet of employees and clients. So a first success of our table soccer is building bridges in a playful easy way.

Intellior invited employees and clients to a training that lasted several days and what is a better way to get to know each other than a tournament – a football champions league?

After the welcoming speech the table soccer battle, 4 against 4 began! That is right, 8 players at one  table, that makes 16! people who play simultaneously at two giant soccer tables.

The  teams were randomly drawn so that people from all over the world formed one team.

With background music and a professional moderation the atmosphere was great and the tournament got even more exciting and thrilling and this became the highlight of the night. Everyone who was not currently playing had the chance to see, what their results were and what place their team had in the football table that was shown on a big LCD-display.

Just in time for dinner the group phase ended and the participants could eat and regain their strength for the knockout round of the table soccer tournament. After dessert and the conversations with fellow players and opponents the excitement already arouse before the games started again.

Ready, set – table soccer!

Table soccer became the highlight of the night and the semi-finals had a  great audience even with the teams who already resigned. After exciting games the finales could not have been more thrilling – Germany played against the Netherlands!
It became a table soccer remake of the 1974 match between the German and the Dutch football teams. It was a narrow victory for the German team after a furious match.
table soccer 4 vs 4

The table soccer award ceremony – first place for team spirit

The award ceremony was the crowning end of a fantastic tournament,  the winners got real medals and Kick-Point even brought a real winner’s rostrum.

Everyone was enthusiastic about this event and got to know the others in an easy, fast and fun way. At the end you could hear the people say things like: “A classic; but still great this good old table soccer.”

Speed-kick photo gives your business a kick-start

One look at the media is enough to see the spectacular pictures of football stars being caught on camera right before they make their decisive shot – with our speed-kick photo module you can capture the same unique moment of your experience.

Was I being to excited and left out some details? Okay then, let´s start from the beginning: Our classic football module speed-kick – which captures your exact shooting speed via radar and shows the outcome on a LED display – now got combined with an highly intelligent software and a GoPro. This means, you get a high-quality photo of your best shot to take home. The speed-kick photo module has the most modern technology with a software, that identifies the exact moment before you kick the ball, with its webcam and special radar. That is the moment a photo is taken which you can hold in your hands right after, because we print it for you to take home.

Score with the speed-kick photo module

By using the speed-kick photo module you get the attention of everyone guaranteed!
For a perfect standing of your business you can use a crossbeam draped noticeable with your branding. Our crossbeam is convertible specially for this module and your requirements. This gives you the possibilities to clamp various banners without them getting affected by the balls flying around.
As a special feature you can place your logo on the printed photos the participants take home. Your company will be visibly attached to the picture and the memory of this certain experience.
speed-kick photo-example

Speed-kick photo module wins

To guarantee a certain variety in the use of the speed-kick photo module, we developed alternatives to the simple shooting. How could an alternative look like, that guarantees equal opportunities for mothers, grandchildren, grandparents, etc.? Like this for example: the challenge is to get to a certain speed within 3 shots, for example 150 mph. Not that easy when the speed-kick photo module measures two decimal places! This gives you the possibility to expand the range and flexibility of this module. This showed great results at Kyocera in Bochum, Porsche in Leipzig, Red Bull in Leipzig or Ochsner Sport in Ludwigsburg. The speed-kick photo module just inspires and astonishes everyone!


Football fan zones in the motherland of football

Germany is eminently respected when it comes to football events,  especially the football fan zones. This is a result of the success of the German football league in international competition compared with a certain amount of marketing activity. Comparably  football-crazy (or maybe even more), are just the British, who were knocked out of the European Championship 2016 early and still did not lose the fun and enthusiasm for “their” invention – football. They show this in their conceptual design of their own football fan zones.

Kick-Point – committed to football fan zones

Like in this country, there are “classic” football activities to be found in England too. Where the goal wall is a classic element in the German event sector and can be found in practically all football fan zones ;  in England similarly popular sports as darts are transferred onto the football theme. Used in an event, this could look like this: felt footballs are shot at a huge inflatable dartboard. This is a perfect activity for an indoor event, because the size makes it wind-prone.

Easier to handle and even more interesting and fascinating for the players is the interactive football goal “Kick-Point”, which is also used successfully in indoor football fan zones. The possibility of a combination of measuring the speed and the actual placement of the shot, makes this the highlight – especially for ambitious hobby footballers – of events like football fan zones.

The high degree of immediate comparability with the results of the other players and the high number of players throughout the day make Kick-Point a very successful event module and the secret star next to the impressive appearance of the football dartboard.

football fan zones

The combination of different modules is the key to successful football fan zones

These two football event modules show what a challenge it is for the organiser to develop football fan zones: on the one hand you want to present everything as impressive as possible, on the other hand it is important to bring the focus to the actual event and simultaneously reach a wide audience. Thereby a big crowd of people have to be taken into account too in football fan zones. Considered alone, the football dartboard may look impressive, but throughout the day only few people can actually participate in a game. So the solution is a combination of different highly attractive event modules, that pose varied challenges for the visitors.
You can get an impression of how our concepts for football fan zones are implemented in the motherland of football in this video:

Kick Point: Everything you need for a successful sponsoring campaign

Finally the sun is shining bright again, the days are longer and it is becoming warm outside – the perfect timing for a special event module for your sponsoring campaign. Alongside with some of our other modules, the Kick-Point interactive football goal is a great option especially for a sponsoring campaign. Because as soon as the sun comes out, the desire arouses to go out and kick the ball in the open air. Everyone knows the classic football goal wall and the joy you feel when you finally score, but even more everyone knows how upsetting it can be to barely miss the goal. Our event module, the Kick-Point interactive football goal, makes it possible to have an even purer football experience. Shooting the ball at a real football goal that measures and displays the exact shooting precision and speed is a very special attraction.

The event module of the hour for your sponsoring campaign

Especially now, that the temperatures are rising and the people love to spend time outside again, the Kick-Point interactive football goal as an event module is the right choice in the course of an outdoor sponsoring campaign! Just the view of a real football goal itself  appears to be inviting for most people. A football goal is a timeless classic and has a nearly mysterious power of attraction. That is why this event module is a perfect eye catcher! The electronic football goal is available in different sizes for every need, with the guarantee that the fun stays the same in every size.

sponsoring campaign-Mars

Sponsoring campaign and advertising medium combined into one!

Because of the attention a football goal (outside of a football field) arouses, the Kick-Point interactive football goal can be used, besides its function as an event module, as an advertising medium to put your sponsoring campaign in the right light. Depending on the size of the goal, different banners can be hung up in the net of the goal. Because the goal usually is used with a construction to catch the ball in form of a traverse or a special net, you have a great surface for your branding there! This double function is the reason the Kick-Point interactive football goal stands out and makes it the perfect module for every sponsoring campaign and every target group!

running course – full activation pure

Who does not still remember obstacal courses from his childhood? – Our running course is the consistent development from this children´s game to a high-end technical module with best activation potential! The best thing about this module are the many possibilities it can be used without any changes in organisation and set-up. Our running course can so be used in combination with many different sports and with the relevant presentation adapt each sports special charme. We have combined our course with a lot of sports, like for example the classic football (Lionel Messi still holds the world record) ,or as a simple sprint and test of mobility. A bit more exotic is rugby, handball or basketball. But also wheelchair contests have already been organised by us several times.

Simple an still genius – our running course

running course
If it comes to movement and motivating people, you can´t beat our runnnig course. Here you can exhauste yourself at your own discretion and receive detailed information about your performance and achievements at the end. Where else can you find that? Because of the possibility of self-analyses this special running course attracts a lot of  people. Our sensor-based running course measures reaction time, acceleration time, tilting time, slalom time and the total running time. It is very flexible and easy to handle, though a highly complex technology and software is behind it. This special running course is also used intenationally for example in England, Saudi Arabia or Croatia.

Our running course benefits form our expert staff

A lot of development steps lead to modelling our running course as it is now, being completely wireless and still easy and simple to set up. Our specially trained expert staff does not only set up the course but also supervise the software and are real promoters, who bring out the best in each candidate and find potential they didn`t even know they had. For up to 7 hours you can entertain the participants with our running course. You also have the possibility to let our experts train your staff before the occasion, so that you can use your own expert team at your event. With our running course you will be first at the finish line – for sure!

Feature events online – with Kick-Point interactive football goal

Alreay during the european championship in 2008 we had the wish to support events online. At that time the representatives ot the Euromania (a roadshow throughout Austria in forefront of the european championship) wanted to present what was happening at the Kick-Point interactive football goal online on the internet. In 2008 this wish was realised through a customized membership card for every participant. Every membership card had its individual barcode for each player. The players barcode was scanned before each round at the Kick-Point. With this method the data of the results was collected in a central system and could be attributed to the specific player. This gave them the possibity to feature events online and share the data on the internet.

In 2017 more possibilities to feature events online with the Kick-Point interactive football goal

The customer´s notions, the use of the internet and the social networks have changed rapidly since 2008. What other ways are there to use events online? The use of and connection to networks as facebook and twitter is very common today. The request and requirement to support events online is trending. So, how to combine event communication and marketing communication? – This question is well discussed with the marketing experts in a time where online communication through the internet, google / youtube, facebook, twitter, instagram, etc. gets more and more significant for companys. So, bringing your events online is easy with Kick-Point.

events online

events online facebook

Embed events online through a QR code

Additionally you can support your events online by presenting your scoring and the data of the players on the internet. Therefore every player gets an individual QR code printed on the record each member receives after their participation at the Kick-Point interactive football goal. This is very interesting for the mobile phone industry, as their product is used and needed by the players to work with the QR code and transfer their data. This is called events online! events online Wien