It is the 3rd of October and of course a public holiday. Day of German unity. On the street of the 17th of June in Berlin, all well-known state employers presented themselves and for all interested people there was an amusement mile, where fun was not too short. And what should not be missing, of course? The mobile football field from the Kick-Point catalog! In cooperation with the UN refugee aid, we were present with our mobile football field on site. As a location: nothing better than in the middle of the Tiergarten! The perfect football flair. Thus, in the days before, and on the day of German unification, many mixed faces for football matches in the mobile football field came together. Thus, it does not matter if football tournament, club anniversary, holidays, company parties, birthdays, city festivals, team events, etc. You can purchase the mobile football field for nearly every event

  • Soccer Court

Simple construction and fast setup

The mobile football field, 15x10m in size and a space requirement of 16x12m. Includes a circulating band system, which is quickly assembled on the event floor by a simple plug-in system. Due to a circumferential network construction (net height 3m) even the roughest miss remains in play. The 2 1.8×1.2m large football goals are firmly integrated into the system.

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Branding opportunities

You don’t want to just purchase the mobile football field, but also be the eye-catcher of the event? Then there are some branding options available with our mobile football field. 22 band elements are available on both sides for your individual branding up to a total of 66 m². Dimensions per area are: 192×78 cm. In addition, the branding is possible with a double-sided circulating ring banner. The dimensions would then be 1500×32 cm and 1000×32 cm

The mobile football field – artificial turf?

You can purchase the mobile football field also with artificial turf on a level surface. This also allows the hidden dribble talent to come out and presenting a show of the extra class to the people. Our artificial turf can be laid out easily and without problems on every at-grade event space.