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Many company events are looking for possible activities that encourage participants to become active themselves, but at the same time is not too demanding. A decisive criterion in the selection of such actions is the aspect of teambuilding. Ideally, an activity should not only support social interaction, but also bring the staff together as a team. For this purpose you can purchase the PoolBall, which is briefly described below. The football billiard guarantees some fun games and is becoming increasingly popular in this area.

It is helpful that football billiards brings together two well-known games: football and billiards. Nearly everyone has played the first one. The other is familiar to many, so that the gameplay of football billiards is very easily accessible for everyone. A not to be underestimated advantage of football billiards is the virtually non-existent risk of injury to the players. Unlike classic team-building events such as a trip to the climbing forest, or wild water rafting, the football billiard requires no preparation – you do not even have to leave your own premises, as the PoolBall table is mobile and available directly in your rooms or in the Rented event location indoor and outdoor can be used. The gameplay is based on the two well-known sports. However, it also works without previous experience in these areas. Non-footballers thus have no disadvantages compared to ambitious amateur kickers.

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You cannot win the football billiard game alone!

Even if only one player is on the ball at a time, the team is always still involved: giving tips, discussing other strategies, celebrating a successful attempt, as well as having fun when the team has a “run”. The game on the football billiard table not only rewards teamwork. Even completely foreign players work together as a matter of course for the common success. This often begins with the discussion of rule refinements before kicking off!

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No lengthy event: a round of football billiards will not take long

As in every other area, the different characters of the participants also must be considered during teambuilding events. Individual participants can be much more persistent than others. Purchase Poolball – it means fun for everybody. The actual playing time of the individual players is only short, but the strong involvement of the team will keep the feeling of activity throughout the game and beyond. A round of football billiards can take about 20-30 minutes, depending on the luck and skill of the players. In rare cases, however, a round can be over after just a few minutes if a team (ideally always the opponent) accidentally sinks the black ball prematurely.